The 3 Quick Questions I Ask Myself Before I Hit “Publish”

The 3 Quick Questions I Ask Myself Before I Hit “Publish”

questions to ask before publishing

There’s always a “moment” right before you publish a new piece of content.

It’s a moment that gives you pause, causes your heart to beat a bit faster and for your brow to sweat a bit more.

I call it the moment of truth. So over the last few years I’ve developed three questions that help me know whether the quality of what I’ve produced is worth publishing.

Will Anyone Care?
Will anyone read this…

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Facebook has become our collective conscience. Is that a good thing?

facebook collective conversation

Over the weekend a Mom posted on Facebook a response to the ugly comments she received for baring her stretch marks while at the beach.

Since then the post has been liked, commented, and shared more than a million times, and was seen by millions more. She received support and encouragement for sharing the update and for exposing herself to public evaluation of both her stretch mark ordeal and the…

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Why I Gave “World War Z” the Book, 3 Stars.

World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War

World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War by Max Brooks
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

My 3 star rating comes with a huge caveat.

Seeing the movie first spoiled this book for me. Had I read it first I would have been much more intrigued about piecing together the different the story to understand the larger timeline. Instead, I already knew the story so the book felt like a post-war mop up with nothing new to add.

What I was really hoping for was more character development. I felt like having people interviewed gives us an impression of who they were as they told their stories, but all of the narrative was in hindsight, some stories told many years after the fact.

Being able to look back on your life of the last ten years allows you to see the big picture and put things together you can’t do when you are going through it. What I would rather have had, was being on the journey of any of the interviewees throughout their time so you see them changing and fighting, good and bad, etc.

Again, I’m being picky b/c I needed something else to make the book seem fresh since the movie spoiled so much for me.

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What a beautiful way for a company to show it’s willingness to go the extra mile to help it’s customers. I made it 30 seconds into the video before tearing up…or in man terms, I got something caught in my eyes. I feel very blessed to have a loving, healthy family…everything a father wants/needs for a happy and special Father’s Day. 

No one cares. The sooner we embrace that….

The irony being this is a content piece developed to promote another social blogging/writing site. The world needs another tumblr/medium like we need another social network. 

Why I am taking a break from Facebook Twitter and LinkedIn.

I watched this video over the weekend and felt the need to change how I interact with people online. While I have many connections, I don’t feel the quality of those connections is as strong as before the introduction of social networks. Posting updates makes it too easy to speak and too hard to listen. When we post we aren’t thinking about speaking to a particular person or audience we are speaking to everyone. That’s not a conversation that’s broadcasting. We also don’t stop to provide context for our statements. It becomes an exercise in writing for quick attention, headline grabbing and “like” acquisition.

What I plan to do instead is go old school. Videos on my professional blog. Photos in my personal blog. Using email to keep tabs on my valued relationships.

I need something that forces me to consider my audience more, to provide more context and value, and to develop more two way conversations.

If you’ve ever blogged before you know it’s more time consuming than a simple tweet. You have to think through what you are going to say and develop those thoughts more. It forces you to be more motivated about speaking and place a higher value on connecting with an audience to ensure they get what you are talking about.

At another level I’m also taking a break bc I am burned out on social. It’s a labor intensive process to read through 3-5 feeds per day and decide what’s valuable to me, what I should respond to and what I should ignore. It leaves me with nothing left to make a meaningful connection. Plus, when it’s what you do all day for work, finding the energy to do it for personal use has become harder and harder. I just don’t care anymore. But I do care about my relationships.

Knowing my ability to stick to things this may not last a week. But I’m going to try anyway and see what I learn.

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Sorry I dogged you last night Ringo, it wasn’t really your fault.

I was pretty harsh on Ringo last night, and I’m here to apologize. 

Having had the night to think on the performance I’m much more understanding of Ringo, and upset with CBS and Paul McCartney. 

When I heard Ringo and Paul were performing together again I had high expectations and was looking forward to it. I thought that we would see something special. So I had my hopes up that both of them would do something together unique and contribute equally. Maybe Ringo would sing with Paul, or just play drums, I was cool with both.

What we got, for me, was a big disappoint that I felt did a disservice to Ringo. Ringo didn’t make a significant contribution to the music and he also didn’t have any kind of interplay with Paul.

I wasn’t expecting them to trade fours or sing a love duet, but I did expect both to make a significant contribution to the music. It felt like Ringo was kind of an add-on as the second drummer. Yes he was highlighted with the spotlight but it was clear the Paul McCartney’s main drummer was the lead drummer and was providing all of what was going on.

When the producers would show Ringo, he didn’t seem to know where they were and wasn’t playing a real contributing role in the music. The producers should have focused on him as a close up and not tried to focus on his playing. 

The most disappointing part of the performance was Ringo not being given an opportunity to have any kind of significant role in the music they played together.

The performance felt lazily put together without much care or foresight to what the audience would want. The reason why they were forced to be together in the first place was the CBS producers wanted to promote the fact they had the Beatles salute show coming up in a few weeks. I also think Paul McCartney should’ve done better by his boy. He could have spent some time thinking through what they could have done together that was meaningful to the performance. We we got was a disappointment.